Yvette Heiser – Tips for successful mini-photography sessions

As a new photographer, have you ever wondered what it means when photographers advertise their “mini sessions”? A mini-session is a quick, short photography session. A mini-session has fewer edited images to choose from, takes a shorter time, and costs less than a regular session. This means fewer hours of shooting and fewer locations and photos to choose from. Some people choose this option because they can get the photographs they want for a lesser cost. If you are a beginner, read Yvette Heiser — Handy Tips for The Perfect Photography Mini Session to master this kind of photography.

Top tips for conducting a mini-photography session:


A successful mini-photo shoot session should have a set date, location, and theme. You should ask your client to invite some guests to participate in their “best friends mini sessions” or “Valentine’s  Day mini sessions” photo shoots. Also, remember to take photos according to the event theme.

Keep it brief 

Avoid overdoing things in your photography session, and keep sessions short. Don’t exceed 15 minutes of shooting if that’s all you promised. Organize your sessions around a subject if you want to reduce the amount of time you spend figuring things out or attempting to find inspiration. This will make your mini-photography session more meaningful.  


Creating a conductive environment will assist your clients in quickly adapting to the situation. This will ensure a smooth flow of activities and help you stick to the planned duration of the mini-photography session duration. A fake (or real) campfire for winter minis (completes with tree stumps to sit on and cook and blankets to stay warm) or a tea party set in the park for spring are some examples of set designs. You can also plan other designs based on events like birthdays or anniversaries.


Instead of the usual 20 or 30 photos, offer 5 or 10 completed photos to your clients. Keep your business sense in check, and don’t give away more than they paid for if you want to get more clients for mini-photography sessions. You can also offer a post-session gallery add-on with additional options.


You can offer additional products as tokens to build brand image if you want to. This can bring you repeated customers and their recommendations to their friends. For example, a digital image that is the size of the web page and labeled and shared online is a simple token. Some professionals also offer clients a digital e-card for their winter minis to email friends and family or post online.

Tips to edit mini-session photos sessions in minutes

Narrow down the photos taken in the session to your top choices. This normally equates to 20 to 30 final pictures for a small session.

After selecting the best Light room preset, modify the session’s key photos and lighting configurations.

Retouch the images that are comparable to the primary shots you have.

If you like to travel with your clients for their sessions, read Yvette Heiser – Essential Qualities Every Travel Photographer Must Have and learn travel photography techniques.

Final tip:

Mini sessions can be an excellent opportunity to experiment with new ideas and extend your reach to clients, so try these tips from Yvette Heiser with your next client. 

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