Yvette Heiser- The Magic of Filters in Enhancing your Photos

Photography is an art that facilitates capturing the beauty of life. To cherish a moment in life, capturing a good photo is essential. To do the same, the use of filters is a great addition. Filters are resin or glass attachments attached to the front part of the lens. It can differ according to the colour and size available and can change the entire look of your photograph. The function of filters is to resist or restrict the light coming into the lens. Let us better understand it through Yvette Heiser – The Significance of Filters in Enhancing Your Photos.

Yvette Heiser- The Magic of Filters in Enhancing your Photos

Perks of Filters

Addition of Beaming Colours

Filters are a great source of adding colour and contrast to photographs. The best way to add colour to lifeless photos is to use a polarising filter that reduces reflection on surfaces like mirrors and glasses and can be used to improve the contrast of the images; thus, this can be used to capture beautiful and scenic images.

Balance of the exposure

Exposure can be balanced using a neutral density filter, as the grey-shaded part reduces light coming into the frames. It is suitable for photos with a dark background or burnt-out sky, wherein a slight change in exposure will create wonder in the photo.

Altering white balance

While capturing landscapes to alter the frame’s temperature, using colour temperature filters is appropriate without leaving the colour cast. These filters can brighten or cool down the entire frame. For instance, coral filters can add a tint of pink or red to the photography. Warm filters work best for capturing sunset or sunrise images.

Image enhancement

Any kind of image can be enhanced with the use of special effects filters. For instance, the use of retro black and white filters will help in capturing a vintage photo. Similarly, cool tint filters will help in capturing foggy or rainy photographs. These misty filters will replicate the effect of fog and aid in deleting backgrounds to minimise compositions. Colour intensifiers enhance the colour of the specific object and dim other colours and can be used to capture vivid photographs. Some sky filters can enhance objects in the sky, and autumn filters can enhance the frame with gold and red tint.

Motion into photographs

Neutral density filters will add motion and liveliness to the photos. The light entering the camera will be altered, creating a motion effect. For instance, with these filters, static clouds will appear moving.


Time cannot be stopped, but photographs are a great way to capture a moment in time. And if you are a landscape photography enthusiast, filters can be helpful. Filters protect lenses from enhancing your images, adding exposure, colour and contrasting correction, and adding motion to images. If you want to resolve all the images after capture, read on to Yvette Heiser – Normal Photography Mix-Ups You Can Resolve with Filters.

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