Yvette Heiser Texas – Becoming an Expert in Phone Photography

Often, we have a deep interest in photography and capturing special moments through a lens, but a lack of funds or other factors may prevent us from investing in a high-quality camera. If you are in a similar situation, we have some good news for you- you can take advantage of your smartphone to take some truly incredible pictures. By adjusting the settings of your phone camera, you can be sure of taking pictures that look like they’ve been taken professionally. But for this, you must learn the art of Yvette Heiser Texas – mastering the basics of taking pictures on the phone.

Yvette Heiser Texas - Becoming an Expert in Phone Photography

Here is a complete guide by Yvette Heiser Texas, on the factors that are crucial for good phone photography and how you can master these techniques:

  • ISO: Always check and adjust the ISO levels of your phone camera before taking a shot. The ISO increases the amount of light collected by the camera, so if you are in a relatively darker setting, feel free to raise the ISO. But always be careful with it since raising it too much can negatively affect the quality of the picture, making it grainy.
  • Shutter speed: The shutter speed of the camera is the duration of the camera being open to capture the light. The longer it is, the brighter the image. So play around with your phone’s shutter speed. Remember, it can impact the steadiness of your image and its resultant quality.
  • Exposure: Experimenting with the exposure of your phone camera is always a good idea. The ISO levels and shutter speed determine your phone’s exposure, so adjusting those parameters is essential for the amount of lighting you allow in your shot. You can also adjust the exposure in your phone’s image gallery while editing the picture after capturing it.
  • Angles and Perspective: The angle at which you hold your phone to take the picture is very important. Good angles highlighting the subject of your image will result in incredible images, even with a phone. So experiment freely with the angles and see at which perspective you get the best lighting.
  • Zoom: Every phone camera has a feature where you can either zoom in and expand the details of the subject you are capturing or zoom out and get a larger perspective. But be careful with the zoom- zooming in too much will ruin the image quality with excess noise and make it grainy.


Hence, following this fundamental guide by Yvette Heiser Texas, you can be confident about mastering phone photography in mere days. There is a misconception that you need a DSLR or any other expensive camera to take good pictures. A good smartphone will also do the trick, and adjusting the settings on your camera in its professional mode will let you take incredibly high-quality pictures and highlight the subject well.

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